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Canadian Airborne Forces Museum

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Peacekeeping Parade, 6 August 2006

UN-Day Ceremonies at the Peacekeeping Monument in Ottawa marking the 18th anniversary of the UN Peacekeeping Force being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

  • Minister of National Defence, Gordon O'Connor
  • Ceremonial Band
  • UN Veterans on parade
  • Canon, David Saunders. Padre in Cyprus during 1974 invasion of Cyprus
  • Claudette Perron, eldest sister of Gilbert Perron putting the flowers in the morter
  • MC, Pierre Lamontagne
  • UN and Airborne Veterans on Parade
  • Sylvain Guevrement carrying the Airborne Regiment Association Flag
  • Airborne veterans on parade
  • Airborne Veterans on Parade
  • Ceremonial Band
  • Flags on parade
  • Claudette Perron, accompanied by Michel Plouffe. Claudette, is the oldest sister of Para Gilbert Perron who was killed in Cyprus in 1974. She is being presented the Memorial Cross, Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, UN Medal for Cyprus (UNFICYP) and the Dag Hammarskjold Medal.
  • The Bugler, looked sharp and didn't miss a note
  • The monument to all Peacekeepers
  • Claudette Perron, accompanied by Michel Plouffe and the MND
  • Claudette Perron putting flowers in the morter
  • Veterans who were in Cyprus in 1974, with members of the Perron Family. Left to Right: Louis Lapierre, David Jannison, Réal Fraser, Roger Galien, Joe Drouin, Mike La Pierre, MGen Marc Lessard (Son of Col. Guy Lessard who was in Cyprus in 1974), Marcelle Perron, Michel Plouffe, Ginette Perron, Daniel Perron, Claudette Perron, Padre David Saunders, Remi Lefebvre (Korea, was not in Cyprus in 1974), Réal Gagnon, BGen Clay Beattie.
  • MGen Marc Lessard, the Perron Family, Canon David Saunders
  • BGen Clay Beattie, the Perron family, CWO Joe Drouin
  • The stone on the wall engraved with the Cyprus mission
  • The wall depicting all the United Nations missions

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