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2013 Reunion
Jumpers at last year's reunion (2013)

70th Anniversary of D-Day Ceremony – 5-7 June 2014
Cairn of the 1st Canadian Parachute Bn , Siffleur Falls, AB

In the October 2013 issue of the ABSC Newsletter, we clearly indicated our plan to hold a ceremony again this year at the Airborne Monument at Siffleur Falls. It should have been obvious to anyone in the Airborne Brotherhood that this year – the 70th Anniversary of D-Day – would be a very significant event. So planning is now going forward to prepare for this auspicious occasion, and again gather in comradeship and dedication as we parade at the Airborne Cairn in the shadow of Mt Ex Coelis.
As we all know, the numbers of the WW II veterans are diminishing each year; yes, even daily. With that fact in mind, when we think of this upcoming ceremony it presents us with a real challenge in planning the event. Indeed, it actually dictates a responsibility for us in the Airborne Brotherhood to ensure we succeed in this planning. In no less a way, it dictates a responsibility for us to support the event by attending – especially now.
We have coordinated the rates for the package deal at the David Thompson Resort (DTR) for this year. Our hosts for the past 15 years in support of this event, the following is the “Package Costs for the 2014 Airborne Event” set out by the DTR.

Package costs:
Campground with meals (to include; breakfast 2 days, lunch, BBQ Meet & Greet)
1 person:$185.14 tax and grats included
2 persons: $284.69 tax and grats total
Motel ($110.00/night)
1 person: $339.34 total
2 persons: $438.89 total
For the motel this year…they happily offer a special 70th Anniversary discount of ½ price on the 2nd night for the complete package deal. That is a $55.00 reduction…so for the motel for one person: $279.39 and for 2 people: $378.94
Anyone wishing to register for the event now may do so by calling 1-888-810-2103. For those staying at the motel, it would be a good idea to book early!

Currently, members of the 3rd Bn Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Parachute Coy are planning to join us for the ceremony.  All conditions being equal, they will again attempt the accent to Normandy Peak on Mt Ex Coelis prior to the formal parade. This is achievement that has been accomplished no less than 10 times in the past 15 years.
Also, in our planning preparations this year we will be soliciting attendance support from various Federal, Provincial, Royal Canadian Legion and other national organizations. With the emphasis again on the importance of this date, we can’t stress the significance of the ceremony to, and for, the members of the Airborne Brotherhood. That said, we will endeavour to do our very best to make the 70th Anniversary Ceremony a success for our senior veterans.

It goes without saying then, that success depends on our – the Airborne Brotherhood’s – attendance! It’s our Airborne Monument and it’s our responsibility to support this annual event. We encourage and welcome the attendance again of returning veterans and their families. We challenge those of you who have never made the trek, to do so this year!  You won`t regret it!

We look forward to seeing you all at the Airborne Monument at Siffleur Falls for the 70th D-Day Anniversary Ceremony. For questions regarding the ceremony you can also contact the planning committee at, or call Bill Dickson 780-459-0947.


Former Jumper Rick Kurelo has penned a book.

FIREFIGHT will be available some time in May.

You can also follow him on Twitter - #firefight2014


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