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Canadian Airborne Forces Museum

Wear Red On Friday

2009 RCMI Airborne Luncheon, Toronto, Ontario




1.      SITUATIONThe 21st Annual Airborne Luncheon will be held at the Royal Canadian Military Institute on Friday, 17 April 2009.  This annual affair brings current and former serving jumpers together with Airborne veterans, including those who jumped into action in Normandy, Arnhem and the Rhine Crossing.

2.      MISSIONAll Airborne soldiers, past and present, are invited to attend the Airborne Luncheon on 17 April 2009 at the RCMI.

3.      TIME AND RV1130 hours in the Main Bar, 1230 for Lunch, Royal Canadian Military Institute, 426 University Avenue, Toronto.

4.      DRESS:  Business suit and Airborne/Regimental tie.

5.     RESERVATIONS AND INFORMATIONSubscription $35 all-inclusive.  RSVP to Susan Cook at the RCMI (416) 597-0286 or 1-800-585-1072, fax (416) 597-6919,  Airborne contact is LCol John Fotheringham at (416) 344-5191,  Please pass this invitation along to your airborne friends.

Update 9 April 2009

Confirmed that our guest speaker will be a front-line member of CANSOFCOM.  Hope to see you there.


Paratrooper Movie

I have been asked to assist in the setting up of interviews for a movie on the history of Canadian Paratroopers (info attached).  The movie has the support of MGen Pitts and Jan de Vries of 1 Can Para, amongst others.

The producer will be attending the Airborne Luncheon on 17 April, and will then be conducting interviews on the 18th and 19th of April in the Officers' Mess of The Queen's Own Rifles at 130 Queen Street East.  He is interested in talking to all paratroopers from 1 Can Para and FSSF to the present day.

I have attached an interview schedule, and ask that you consider making yourself available to be interviewed.  Select a time slot and let me know at (416) 344-5191,  


John Fotheringham

Movie Package Synopsis Interview Questions Interview Schedule
Click to see the 12 Page Movie Package in .PDF Click on the pic to see the 3 page Synopsis in MSWord Click on the pict to see the 3 page Interview Questions in MSWord Click on the picture to see the 1 page Interview Schedule in MSWord